Introducing Our Support Staff

WHAEA ANI HEMARA - Taonga in School Programme

We are very lucky to have Whaea Ani working alongside our staff and tamariki at Hikurangi School. She has been involved with our school since 1969 when her own tamariki started school and she still has mokopuna enrolled in 2015. Whaea Ani officially began working with our school in 1993 when she began teaching Te Reo Maori and began the Rumaki whanau. She continues to work with our tamariki sharing her skills in Te Reo Maori, raranga and Tikanga Maori.
REO SMITH - School Administrator / Secretary

Hello there, I have been at Hikurangi Primary School for many years and still find my duties very challenging because each day is so very different to the next. What tickles me the most is when I enrol children belonging to students I enrolled years back. 

SHONA KEATLEY - School Finance / Librarian / First Aid

I have been at Hikurangi School since moving back into the area in 2000.  A former student myself, it was great to be able to enrol my two daughters at the school.  Now that they have moved on to High School and University, I enjoy following the progress of other children who have spent all their primary school years here.  You will often see me with a camera making sure that the fun times the children spend at Hikurangi School are captured for years to come.

DIANNE HARDIE - Teacher Aide

I love my job because I get to work with all ages and all teachers throughout the school.

I have an amazing amount of variety in every day, working one-on-one and with small groups in most curriculum areas as well as assisting in the Sick Bay and Library, and helping out with Duffy Books in Homes and Scholastic Book Orders.  One of my favourite tasks is to photograph the children who receive certificates at our weekly Celebration Assemblies.

RON BURT - Caretaker