Introducing Us

The current PTA started in 2013.
 We are a group of motivated, hardworking parents and staff keen to make a difference for our children. We do not take ourselves too seriously and like to work together in a friendly way.

Chairperson:   Jeannie Lawrie
Treasurer:  Michelle Miller

Contact Information:
Current Fundraiser


Wednesday Lunches
Wednesday Lunches are provided each Wednesday and cost $1.50 per serving.

Last Week: 

This Week: February 7th

Next Week: 

Organised and Prepared by our Lunch Crew


In The Staffroom at 3.10 pm
Past Projects

The Basket Swing

Rugby/Soccer Goalposts

Last Project

Tiered Seating

Refurbishing our old seats and constructing some new ones

They look really smart too.

Future Projects
Maypole and Playground Upgrade

Gardening Club

If you have any expertise in gardening and want to help, please let us know.
 "Everything We Do Is For The Tamariki"

Upcoming Events:


Contact us for more info so you don't miss out!