General Information

Enrolment Procedures

When you are enrolling your child in Hikurangi School you need to bring along a copy of your child's Birth Certificate and a copy of their Immunisation Record. You will be asked to abide by the school policies, especially our Tree Climbing, Headlice, and Publishing (both hardcopy and online ) policies. If there are any access restrictions in place for your child(ren) then supporting documentation will be required. Any medical conditions will need to be made known as well. If your child has received any extra support for learning or behaviour in the past it is important for us to know so we can ensure the best possible outcomes for everyone. If your child is turning 5 then dates for their pre-visits while be set at this time. You will be asked to sign The Enrolment Form, The Medical Forms, The Cybersafety Form and The Rheumatic Fever Prevention Programme Form.

Rheumatic Fever Prevention Programme

If you need to contact Ki A Ora Ngatiwai, please phone their Clinical Manager, Sharon Snell, ph 09 4354586.

First Aid/Sick Bay

Ms Shona Keatley runs our Sick Bay, ably assisted by Mrs Macnay, Mr Ward and Dianne Hardie.


We have buses running morning and afternoon to Whakapara, Puhi Puhi, Helena Bay, Marua and Opuawhanga. Our bus company is Ritchies ph 09 4387142. Our Bus Controller is our Principal, Mr Bruce Crawford. For further details on our bus runs, information sheets are available at The Office or you can talk directly with Mr Crawford.


Our uniform is quite simple. Plain black shorts/trousers/skirts - no logos or patterns or designs - just black.

Plain red top with sleeves (long or short) - no logos or patterns or designs - just red.

A plain black sweatshirt for winter - no hoods or logos or patterns or designs - just black.

Please, please, please NAME your child's uniform!

Lost Property

Really this should be called Found Property! We have a room set aside for Lost Property and you are welcome to come and look for your child's belongings during normal school hours. Unfortunately many items are not named and we are unable to return them to their rightful owner. Uniform that is not named is washed and made available for sale - if you would like to help with this please let Matua James or Shona and Reo in The Office know.

End of Day Messages

We get many last minute messages for children. Often these are messages that could have been delivered at the start of the day. We ask that messages from 2:30pm onwards are reserved for EMERGENCIES ONLY. In cases where they are not an emergency we cannot guarantee you that your message/s will be delivered. In all cases we will try our very best.

School Payments

Throughout the year payments are due to the school for various things. While many of these payments vary from year to year, some are set every year. All students are expected to pay an ICT/Paper Levy of $10 each per term. Digital Classrooms (Rooms 6, 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12) have a Digital App Fee of $30 per child per year. Year 7 and Year 8 children have a Technology Fee of $65 per child per year. We would like to help you organise for these costs to be paid in a timely manner, with as little stress as possible. If you need to discuss payments come and talk with Ms Shona Keatley (Our Finance Officer) or Mr Bruce Crawford (Principal).

Payment Methods

We have a variety of ways in which you can pay us:

*Cash for all payments,

*Eftpos for some payments (minimum $5, no cash out, no credit cards, not for discos, lunches or PTA events),

*Online Banking for all payments.

School Bank Account: 12-3093-0200098-00

Account Name: Hikurangi School BOT

Part: Student Name Code: Room Number Ref: Event/Item - ICT, Tech, etc.

To help us keep track of payments please let your child's teacher or Shona know about your payment.

Shona can be emailed at

Sausages and Juicies

On Thursdays we sell sausages in bread and frozen juicies as a fundraiser. Sausages are $2:0 each and juicies are $1 each. Children order their food in their classrooms at the start of the day and the sausages and juicies are delivered to the classrooms in time for first lunchtime. NOT AVAILABLE WHILE AT COVID ALERT LEVEL 2.

Milk in Schools

This programme is no longer available

Fruit in School

Twice a week fresh fruit is supplied to the school free of charge, which is distributed to the children daily. This means that your child will have one or two pieces of fresh fruit EVERY DAY, in addition to the lunch they bring from home.

Duffy School

We have been a Duffy School for some time now. What does this mean? You child gets to select and receive free books every term to take home and keep, opportunities to listen to role models give inspirational speeches and presentations as well as participate in Duffy Theatre. Also any pre-schoolers will get a book from their brother or sister at school for their birthday - the school aged child will choose one to take home. So we need to have a register of all pre-schoolers and their birthdays. Please send your details along to school so your children don't miss out! When a pre-schooler has their 5th birthday, they get a special 'birthday pack'.


All visitors (including parents and caregivers - even people we know very well) are expected to call into The School Office BEFORE going to classrooms to communicate with or pick up their child(ren). If you are collecting a child, a form on BLUE paper will be given to you, which you will give part of to the classroom teacher and return the other part to The Office once you have collected your child(ren). This helps keep everyone safe.

Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices

The practice of bringing mobile phones and electronic devices to school by students is strongly discouraged. If there is a situation serious enough to require your child(ren) to bring a phone to school then it is to be handed in to the Office upon arrival and uplifted at the end of the day.


Swimming is an integral part of the school physical education programme, as such it is not optional. The only condition for not swimming is illness, which is to be supported by a note from parents/caregivers. Every child is expected to have their togs and actively participate in swimming lessons.

Reporting to Parents


This will comprise two written forms of communication- goalsetting at end of term 1 and a written report on progress at the end of term 4. In term 2 there will be whanau/child progress reviews and in term 3 an open evening.


The aim of which is to provide an informal opportunity to parents and teachers to meet and establish a relationship that will allow for easier dialogue between both groups. These will take the form of a whanau picnic, end of term celebrations of learning and open nights, as well as information evenings.