Public Health Nurses

We are lucky to have a Public Health Nurse working with our school this year.

Tina Vink...

Kia Ora & greetings from Tina my work and focus is on community health in particularly at allocated schools such as Hikurangi school.

I undertake a variety of roles including:

  • Running immunisations programs in schools i.e Year7 students – Boostrix protecting against Tetanus, Diphtheria & Whooping Cough, Year8 students – HPV vaccine help prevent cancers caused by HPV infection.

  • Assessing & referring children to other health professionals.

  • Providing and promoting health education at the school e.g hand hygiene

  • Visiting families/whanau in their homes to provide support and generally I will assess the child’s health needs & take appropriate action with the parent/caregiver’s consent.

  • Providing follow-up care for families/whanau with notifiable diseases such as meningitis and work to help stop the spread of such diseases.

  • I assess skin infections & provide treatment if necessary – parents will be contacted if treatment required.

I am supportive of the family/whanau’s privacy & confidentiality at all times.