We have a great variety of groups working away in our school at certain times, as you can see from the drop down menu above.

Below are some important groups that work EVERY day to improve our daily lives.

Road Patrol

Our dedicated Road Patrollers keep us safe everyday, they are trained by The New Zealand Police and are the only people apart from The Police who are allowed to stop traffic. Children are selected after an induction session and practical screening has taken place. We choose students from Year 6, 7 and 8 to participate. Our Road Patrol team are capably led by Ms Helen Moore and Matua James.


Our Librarians are a group of hard working students from Year 6, 7 and 8 who are rostered on to assist Whaea Kerryn and Ms Shona Keatley keep The Library running smoothly. These students have the opportunity to work towards bronze, silver and gold awards which the Whangarei Mayor presents to them. Our Library is one of the most popular places at school and these students are kept very busy issuing, returning, shelving, finding and sorting our books.

Recycling Monitors

Because we are an Enviro School, we recycle. We have recycling bins and buckets for food scraps. A small group of children from Year 5 and 6 collect, sort and clean our recycling buckets every day. All our food scraps go to one of our parents who has some pigs that are glad to see them. These children complete their task independently and willingly and provide an important service for us all. Ms Helen Moore, as leader of the Enviro Team, organises these wonderful helpers.

Fruit Monitors

Every day a hardworking group of children sort and count and distribute a basket of fruit to every classroom. They recycle fruit boxes, wash baskets and dispose of over ripe fruit. All in all they do an amazing job which we really appreciate when we get hungry!! Whaea Whitney does a wonderful job organising these busy beavers.