Enviroschool team

Eco Warriors


This year we are going to have a new band of eco warriors and will be making an effort to attain Enviroschool's silver status. The projects we will be working on initially are:

  • replanting the stream edges as last year's floods destroyed most of the plants we had already put in.

  • growing the plants for this in our plant growing unit. This includes potting on of a thousand seedlings.

  • Turning our school raised beds into wicking gardens. This means we can save water and the vegetable plants will be able to survive over the summer holidays.

  • Supplying our pataka kai with vegetables and seedlings for our whanau

  • Organising our own version of garden to table to teach our tamariki how to grow, harvest and cook the vegetables in our gardens.


2020 was year where not much happened with the Enviroschool's team of eco warriors. The pandemic and lockdown made it difficult to get started and it was heartbreaking to see all of our planting being destroyed in the flood. However, some the team were able to attend the Enviroschool Expo at the end of the year and enthusiasm has been restored once again! The team followed the path of water from the farm to the Poroti Power Station and then the Maunu flood protection dam.

Learning about long-finned and short-finned tuna

The amazing work being done to save elvers from the power station turbines

Learning about different soils and how they retain water

Getting up close with the tuna