Social Enterprise


In September of 2018 a staff member from our school was very lucky to attend the SEWF (Social Enterprise World Forum) in Edinburgh, Scotland. In attendance were people from all over the globe, people from many different establishments, ethnicities, cultures, businesses, villages etc. Despite the many differences, the one common theme from the forum can we produce wealth, health and security for not only ourselves, but other people? This is social enterprise in a nut shell and no finer example than the very wealthy business man in attendance that has a cap on his profits. All money (millions of dollars) above the profit margin is dispersed to initiatives at every corner of the globe. Imagine a world where all people with similar wealth followed the lead of this business man. Very thought provoking.

What is Social Enterprise?

  • Social enterprise is a way of thinking which focuses on enhancing economic, social, cultural and environmental values.
  • Social enterprise is explicitly about creating economic, cultural, social and environmental value for others.
  • Social enterprise is not a curriculum subject/focus. It is a mind set and our curriculum is a vehicle which serves to enhance it.

Our vision/guiding principles for our students at Hikurangi School

  • To produce social entrepreneurs who choose to primarily pursue value for others by utilising an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • To develop students who consider the economic, social, cultural and environmental value in all that they do.
  • To develop conscious led innovators
  • To develop caring and culturally connected students.

Our two senior classrooms will be leading this initiative from 2019 onwards. It is our intention that before too long, every class in our school will be developing social enterprise in their own unique way.

Social Enterprise at Hikurangi School

For the beginning of 2019 our two senior classrooms will begin a journey of social enterprise. This will include incorporating social enterprise into some of the current projects that our school has going - Eco-Warriors, Bee Crew, Community Garden, Plant Growing Unit etc. Regarding future projects, we are very lucky to have formed a relationship with St Albert's Primary School in Glasgow, Scotland. Teachers from both schools are currently discussing ideas for future projects and ways to strengthen the relationship between our two schools. Very exciting times ahead for our school and we look forward to sharing this journey with our wider community. We look forward to developing a social entrepreneurial mindset within our senior students.

If you would like to know more about this initiative you can contact either Helen Moore or James Duke, our lead teachers of Social Enterprise at Hikurangi School.

School Uniform For Sale

The Senior boys of Room 9 will be selling School uniform that has been gathered from the lost property. All clothing items have been cleaned at a laundromat and are good to go, ready to be purchased. All items are priced at $2 and $4, depending on what they are. See below for a description of what is for sale. All proceeds from the sale of the uniform will be given to the Hikurangi Community Library. This will help to support them with the services that they provide to our community. Below is the link to the Hikurangi Community Library.

Please contact Matua James if you are interested in purchasing some affordable school uniform for your child/ren.

Contact details; or at the School's number - 09 4338545.

We thank you for your support.

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