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Introducing Our Principal

Developing children who are life-long learners, who can communicate effectively are self managing and socially adept.

Ko Hikurangi te Maunga.

Ko Wairoa te Awa.

Ko Ngati Tu te Hapu.

Ko Ngai Tahuhu te Iwi.

Ko Whakatuwhenua te Waka.

Ko Waro te Wahi Tapu.

Ko Tu te Rangatira.

Ko Hikurangi te kura e tu atu nei.

Ko Bruce Crawford toku ingoa.

No reira, he mihi mahana, he mihi nui hoki atu ki a koutou katoa.

Tihei wa mauri ora.

Mr Bruce Crawford (Principal)

Kia ora Whanau and Visitors to Our Site.

As the Principal of our school I have the honour of being entrusted with guiding the education of our children and it is the most rewarding experience that I could ever think of doing.

Now a bit about myself. 2001 after a life of many different experiences, including a period of time with the New Zealand Army, I was fortunate to be appointed the Deputy Principal of our school. During term 2, of 2004, I became the principal. This was to be the start of the most exciting and rewarding job I have ever done. What is the old saying, “find a job you love and you will never work another day in your life,” well that is me in my role as principal here at Hikurangi School.

The last 9 – 10 years of National standards was a very damaging time for education, primary school education in particular. With the removal of National Standards we can now focus on teaching to meet the needs of the individual child. This means a lot more work for the teachers as they need to really get to understand each child and how the curriculum needs to be modified for the child's needs.

The highly skilled and talented staff at Hikurangi are really special, but no matter how great they are, and they are, education anywhere doesn’t work in isolation. So I am asking you as parents/caregivers to get involved with your child's education. Now getting involved can be as simple as hearing your child read to you or you reading to your child each night, make it a special time where you and your child have quality time.

Talk with your child's teacher regularly and if you have a challenge with what we are doing talk to us. Please don’t go straight to social media to have your little bleat, talk to us first. Doesn’t mean you will get the response you want but you will be better informed and so will we. One of the things that I have found as time has passed, and the snow has gotten thicker on the mountain top, is that with the will, the desire, and communication, there is almost always a win/win solution.

Nga mihi,

Bruce Crawford