End of Day Messages

We get many last minute messages for children.  Often these are messages that could have been delivered at the start of the day. We ask that messages from 2:30pm onwards are reserved for EMERGENCIES ONLY. In cases where they are not an emergency we cannot guarantee you that your message/s will be delivered. In all cases we will try our very best.


All visitors (including parents and caregivers - even people we know very well) are expected to call into The School Office BEFORE going to classrooms to communicate with or pick up their child(ren). If you are collecting a child, a form on BLUE paper will be given to you, which you will give part of to the classroom teacher and return the other part to The Office once you have collected your child(ren).  This helps keep everyone safe.

Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices

The practice of bringing mobile phones and electronic devices to school by students is strongly discouraged. If there is a situation serious enough to require your child(ren) to bring a phone to school then it is to be handed in to The Office upon arrival and uplifted at the end of the day.

Reporting to Parents


This will comprise two written forms of communication- goalsetting at end of term 1 and a written report on progress at the end of term 4. In term 2 there will be whanau/child progress reviews and in term 3 an open evening.


The aim of which is to provide an informal opportunity to parents and teachers to meet and establish a relationship that will allow for easier dialogue between both groups. These will take the form of a whanau picnic, end of term celebrations of learning and open nights, as well as information evenings.