5B45 Enrolment Programme

‘Empowering our tamariki with a licence to learn’.

The purpose of our 5B45 programme is to prepare and connect with your child and whanau as they start their journey of turning 5 and beginning school.  Tamariki are immersed in our routines that are supportive of ensuring a smooth and happy transition to School.  

We offer:

•     a welcoming environment where tamariki can make connections and build relationships.

•     an opportunity to find a school with similar values and expectations to your own.

•     a smooth transition from ECE/home to primary school for both your child and whanau.

•     children have a familiarity with our school before turning 5 and starting full time attendance.

•     whanau are familiar with and understand the expectations of our tamariki in a primary school setting including routines, skills and connections.

•     an opportunity to develop an open and positive relationship / communication between whanau and school.

•     experiences where children are able to have fun with their whanau in our school setting.

•     an opportunity to meet the teachers and tamariki who will be part of your child’s journey at school.

Our aim is for our tamariki who take part in our 5B45 Enrolment Programme to start this programme 5 weeks before they are starting school and/or are turning 5.  This takes place on a Thursday morning from 9.30am.  We will develop a programme/timetable beneficial for your tamariki and their needs to ensure a smooth and positive transition for them and their whanau.  

We are looking forward to you joining our classroom and school whanau.  If you have any questions please contact Whaea Stacey on srichards@hikurangi.school.nz or contact her at school - ph 4338545.