Nga Uara 

Nga Uara o te Kura o Hikurangi

During the 2015 / 2016 holiday period a small group of our teachers got together to develop a new qualities programme for our staff and students. It was felt that the system we were using prior to change was not suited to our students, whanau and wider community. We wanted something that would be more meaningful, and user-friendly for our whole school community. With this in mind the working party discussed, debated, and decided on the following qualities; 

Whakapono (Truth & Honesty)    Manaakitanga (Hospitality, Caring & Kindness) 

Tumanako (Hope & Aspiration)   Te Arohatanga (Love, Affection & Charity)

Each Uara (quality) has their own set of indicators and our students are encouraged to display them in different situations throughout their time at school. Our school-wide statement that we use to promote our four Uara is;

Kia pono ano kia koe - Always be true to yourself. 

Our uara support our tamariki in being true to themselves in all that they do, not only whilst they are at school but also during the time they spend away from school.  


Our Whakapono design depicts two different positions of one design. This represents Te Kauae Runga (the upper-jaw) and Te Kauae Raro (the lower-jaw). There is a great space between these two features and truth and honesty are key in this workspace.

Key Words / Indicators;

Conscientious, Truthfulness, Integrity, Honesty, Humility

Modesty, Respect, Commitment, Learn from mistakes


Our Manaakitanga design depicts a guardian body at the top which is stretching over to protect, care for, and nurture the two smaller koru below. The two miniature koru at the base of the design represent people and our environment. We have identified them as being two main recipients of manaakitanga at our School. It is through one's ability to care for other beings and things that the level of their mana is gauged. The greater the care given by one, the greater their mana.

Key Words / Indicators;

Caring, Nurturing, Hospitality, Putting others first, Tautoko / Support, 

Respectfulness, Kaitiakitanga, Generosity, Helpfulness


Our Tumanako design depicts a stairway on the left hand side. The base is the beginning of the journey and the top is the desired outcome, whatever it may be. The three koru located on the underside of the stairway represent the setbacks/challenges that may be encountered when aspiring to reach our goals.

Key Words / Indicators;

Proud of who they are, Takes risks, Sets goals, Works towards goals

Ambitious, Resilience, Self motivating, Self managing, Perseverance

Te Arohatanga

Our Te Arohatanga design depicts two koru reaching into each other in an embracing manner. The two mini koru at either end represent the positive flow on effect from displaying Te Arohatanga. 

Key Words / Indicators;

Loving, Kind, Compassionate, Supportive, Inclusive environment, Taking pride in work, Empathy, Understanding, Freedom of choice